1) Rudiger and the Painted Door won the Best Illustrated Award in the 2017 Manitoba Book Awards. The award ceremony was an exceptional celebration of a number of very talented Manitoban writers. We were honoured to participate, and thrilled to see Rudiger and the Painted Door win. We couldn't be prouder of this book. Rudiger and the Painted Door, with its vivid illustrations and engaging story about fun, imagination, and family, is a wonderful addition to any collection and perfect for reading aloud to your little one.  Check it out on amazon or through other great booksellers everywhere.

2) Peasantry Press has acquired the exciting YA Science Fiction novel, Infusion, from Charlie Dawg Press. The Release is set for Wednesday, July 12, in ebook, paperback, and hardcover. For more about this book, visit the author at www.alyssathiessen.com

3) We're looking forward to announcing a new novel from Canadian writer Melinda Friesen, author of the popular One Bright Future series. Stay tuned for details! 

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Happy reading, and may you find joy in each moment of this beautiful summer season. 

Peasantry Press is ecstatic to announce that Rudiger and the Painted Door, written by Jonathan Toews and illustrated by Ryan Polinsky, made the Manitoba Book Awards shortlist this year in the children's illustration category!

Rudiger and the Painted Door tells the story of a boy who discovers a magical door to worlds of adventure and fun, brought to life by the power of his imagination. As Rudiger journeys to the lands beyond the the painted door, he learns a valuable lesson about family and love along the way.

Watch Rudiger's imagination come to life in this vivid, fun, and engagingly illustrated children's story. Rudiger and the Painted Door is now available in softcover and hardcover formats through amazon.com and amazon.ca, as well as a number of other great booksellers worldwide. 

 To find out more about the Manitoba Book Awards, visit https://manitobabookawards.com. 

Our general submission period is now closed. We had a number of absolutely fantastic submissions last month. The selection process has never been so challenging! Thank you so much, to all the talented writers, who allowed us to read your work. It was a privilege.  

Our next general submission period will be July 1, 2018. We look forward to seeing more great work from more great writers. In the meantime, stay tuned for news about our newest releases. We have an exciting lineup in the works, and we can't wait to announce our next launch.

Thanks again, and happy writing, happy reading!
Author Jonathan Toews and illustrator Ryan Polinsky, along with Peasantry Press, celebrated the launch of their new children's book at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg on November 25th. Friends, family, fans and friendly book-shoppers attended the Friday evening event. The book was introduced and then a gaggle of children gathered around and listened, sometimes with wide-eyed enchantment, other times with unfettered giggles, as Toews read his story. Polinsky's bright and colourful illustrations lit up the screen beside him. 

It was a fun-filled evening with snacks, storytelling, and book-signing.

Missed the launch? No worries! Rudiger and the Painted Door is now available from amazon.com and great booksellers everywhere. Get your copy today! 

Some of the things we're most looking for during our open submission period:

1) Happily Ever Afters:
Peasantry Press is looking to add a couple of feel-good pieces to round out our line-up. Whether the genre is science fiction, contemporary, sweet romance, inspirational, YA, or even re-imagined fairy-tale - if it's original, well-written, never-published, thoroughly polished, and ends with a HEA, we'd love to take a look. 

2) Original Black and White Graphic Novels by a single writer/illustrator.
We're not a comic book publisher, but we would be open to releasing a black and white graphic novel or a series of black and white graphic novels, if the right one found its way to us. Our guidelines:
  1. One writer/illustrator. (No teams).
  2. Book would be published in black and white at 6 x 9, with no bleed and .5" margins. Submissions must reflect this format.
  3. Artwork must be in black and white and be supplied as a PDF. At least 4 pages should be finished/polished and include lettering. The remainder may be supplied as sketches.
  4. Submission should also include a complete synopsis with script. This can be included as a .doc or PDF.
  5. Finished graphic novel must be a minimum of approximately 40 pages.
  6. Graphic novel content (artwork and writing) must fit within our "clean fiction" mandate. This means no profanity, overt sexuality, or gratuitous violence please.  

3) Canadian Writers!
While we accept submissions world-wide, we are particularly interested in seeing some more home grown talent. From Manitoba? Even better! 

So those are our top three wishes for now! Have something else to send our way? Our open submission period is this January! Questions? Email us and we'll do our best to get back to you! 

In the meantime, happy writing!
Coming soon from Peasantry Press! Kirt Purdy's A Hoser's Guide To Canadian History  offers a light, funny look at Canada's history, from its early beginnings to its tumultuous growing pains to its hopeful present.  This tongue-in-cheek history offers readers a healthy dose of satire and silliness while delving into the things that make Canada's past and present so very interesting. 

A Hoser's Guide To Canadian History (A Really Good Attempt To Explain How We Got Here) is coming soon to major booksellers everywhere. Check back for updates, or sign up for our newsletter here to be notified of new releases, discounts, and giveaways!

Joseph Farley's new novel, Labor Day, paints a vivid picture of a bleak future where poverty reigns and the working class has no voice. What once was known as Labor Day is a distant memory, and managers and owners rule with impunity. Oh, and did we mention that there are roach-people? 

Farley's book is, as he says, an "interplay of humor with the serious, the light and the dark." Both witty and moving, Labor Day is a literary science fiction novel that weaves together an intriguing plot, memorable characters, and important social commentary. 

If you're looking for a powerful, interesting, captivating, thought-provoking read, click here to check out Joseph Farley's Labor Day. Available now in Paperback, Hardback, and Kindle! 

Peasantry Press is proud to announce that Fur Is Only Fur Deep, by Julia Schettler and Sarah Neville, won this year's NcNally Robinson Books for Young People Award! If you haven't had an opportunity to read this beautiful, heartwarming tale, check it out today. 

Available through most major retailers!

Illustrated Children's Book Fur Is Only Fur Deep has been shortlisted for two Manitoba Book Awards: Children's Illustrator Category and the McNally Robinson Books for Young People Awards (younger). Congratulations to author Julia Schettler and Illustrator Sarah Neville, and good luck! 

If you haven't had a chance to check out this heartwarming story about international adoption, family, and acceptance, Fur Is Only Fur Deep is available at amazon.com as well as through most major booksellers! In the Manitoba Area? Tickets for the April 30th Gala are available now. Check out The Manitoba Book Awards for more information.

Peasantry Press is excited to announce the release of Labor Day, written by Philadelphia writer and long time union man, Joseph Farley. 

So who is Joseph Farley? As we mentioned, Joseph Farley Farley is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He spent most of his professional career dealing with civil rights issues, and he grew up in a family that held unions in high esteem. Farley has been an active union member for thirty-one years, serving as a shop steward and ten years as a union delegate. A life-long writer, Farley's poems and stories have appeared in numerous literary publications.

What is this novel about? In the future, cockroaches dominate the planet. The old humans, fast-tracked for extinction, scurry to and from impoverished homes at the beck and call of the new elite, the magnates and managers that control all.  The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. Labor unions are outlawed, and, soon, magnates, with antennae quivering, will face down those who do the work. The slow and the weak, the old and the tired, will get stepped on like so many bugs.  Or will they? 

Tom Fried is a middle-aged man who works for a giant cockroach at a firm that specializes in items designed for upscale insectoid clientele. Tom and his wife, Kathy, work hard to get by, while a small elite, made up mostly of bugs, lives it up. Tom doesn’t complain. It would just make things worse. Conversations are monitored, and he doesn’t want to draw the attention of the dreaded National Harmony Bureau. He just wants to live a quiet life. Unsettling news from his daughter, however, forces Tom to re-evaluate his accepted reality. From the rantings of an old man about the return of unions, to clandestine meetings with shadowed strangers, events begin to convince Tom that his complacent existence is no longer possible as he and his family are drawn into a struggle that has the potential to change everything. 

Why do we love his book? Not only is this wordsmith-poet's book a complete pleasure to read, but it's a book with something to say. We really do think words have power. Not on their own, but when used to provoke thought and inspire change. Joseph himself probably puts it best:

"Words alone can't change the world, but people who read words, and sympathize with them, can take action. Science fiction inspires us to think new thoughts and develop new technology. It can speak of a great future or warn that we are on the wrong path and need to change course.  It is also a damn good yarn, a fun read, that will make you glad you chose to pick up the book instead of watching infomercials." 

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