1) Rudiger and the Painted Door won the Best Illustrated Award in the 2017 Manitoba Book Awards. The award ceremony was an exceptional celebration of a number of very talented Manitoban writers. We were honoured to participate, and thrilled to see Rudiger and the Painted Door win. We couldn't be prouder of this book. Rudiger and the Painted Door, with its vivid illustrations and engaging story about fun, imagination, and family, is a wonderful addition to any collection and perfect for reading aloud to your little one.  Check it out on amazon or through other great booksellers everywhere.

2) Peasantry Press has acquired the exciting YA Science Fiction novel, Infusion, from Charlie Dawg Press. The Release is set for Wednesday, July 12, in ebook, paperback, and hardcover. For more about this book, visit the author at www.alyssathiessen.com

3) We're looking forward to announcing a new novel from Canadian writer Melinda Friesen, author of the popular One Bright Future series. Stay tuned for details! 

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Happy reading, and may you find joy in each moment of this beautiful summer season. 



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